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At Regenerative Masters we believe in treating the entire patient, not just their symptoms. To us each patient is an individual with a complex set of symptoms, causes and triggers that is like no other. In order to get the most complete healing for you, we need to address emotional, energetic, physical, neurological, and structural reasons for your condition.
Examples of disciplines that we use include regenerative and cellular therapies, sports medicine, functional medicine, naturopathy, hypnosis, physical therapy, chiropractic, upper cervical chiropractic, Rolfing, diet, psychology and personal training.
Why do we use this approach? It is simple.

Real. Dramatic. Results.

We have found that healing happens most completely and dramatically if the emotional, energetic, physiologic, neurologic and structural causes of dysfunction are all assessed and treated in an organized and collaborative manner. 
We believe your complexity as an individual deserves robust assessment and coordinated care programs. We believe that we serve you most optimally if we can serve you together as a team.

From the Founder

True medical care does not heal a person’s medical condition. It realizes and surrenders to the medical condition being the guide to healing the person.

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Channeling the Power of Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is a form of mind-body medicine that promotes holistic healing of the body, mind, and spirit by causing a shift in energy at the quantum or sub-atomic level.
The term quantum refers to the smallest amount or unit of something, the subatomic particles that make up our body. Quantum medicine stipulates that the body functions as a whole and possesses excellent regenerative or self-healing abilities.
Quantum healing aims to propagate and enhance this ability by sparking a genuine intention to heal. This is also known as quantum thinking. This positive thinking promotes healing at the spiritual level via increased endorphin production. These endorphins boost our body’s ability to heal.
At Regenerative Masters, we combine several disciplines of medicine to treat our patients as a whole and not as a set of symptoms. This allows us to address the emotional, physiologic, neurologic, and structural causes of the underlying medical condition for complete healing.
In quantum healing, a paradigm shift in a person’s underlying consciousness can lead to profound healing of both the body and mind. As quantum physics seeks to explore the physical phenomena at the subatomic level, quantum healing seeks to examine the realm of consciousness. At its core, it aims to alter the quantum mechanical body, which is made up of energy and information and manifests the physical body.
The coordinated treatment programs at Regenerative Masters incorporate the principles of quantum healing to successfully treat conditions like PTSD, rotator cuff tears, arthritis, etc.

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The neurologic system is the electrical communication system of the body. Healing requires addressing this elegant system of regulation. Pain will not resolve without treating the root neurologic problems.

We believe you are complete human being, including your spiritual function. We do not advocate for any specific type of spiritual orientation, we work with you in combination with emotional and energetic work to help you grow, expand, and progress in whatever spiritual capacity is important to you. Though this is offered as care, it is of course not a mandatory part of your program.

There are Western and Eastern considerations when discussing energetics. We believe in the whole person approach, and address energetics from both considerations. Our providers have a variety of tools and gifts to heal and optimize your energetic system.

Structure is the most obvious part of assessments.  At Regenerative Masters, we assess all of the reasons of why the structure has deteriorated treating them together with the more obvious findings of degenerative discs, arthritis, tendinosis, etc.

Our emotions and feelings interact with and affect all of our pain and functions. We believe this is the most powerful aspect of our a patient’s sense of symptoms. Five of our providers contribute to deep emotional healing.

The chemistry of your body affects every function, from pain, to energy, to brain fog and function. Three of our providers work primarily on the physiology of the body.

Your alignment in motion integrates your neurologic and muscular function with your neurologic system. Physical therapy and chiropractic specialists address these areas as a team together with Dr. Hansen’s regenerative injections.

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Who We are 2

Who We are

Regenerative Masters

We are group of eight individual providers with extensive experience in our own specialties who collaborate and coordinate care together. We assess and treat some of the most complex conditions human beings experience.

Synergistic treatments centered around healing deep emotional, energetic, physiologic, neurologic and structural challenges is our specialty. Our protocols and paradigms are the most advanced in the nation.


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