Alignment, posture, muscle recruitment patterns, and motion effects are affected by pain and dysfunction in the body. The most important area of regulation and integration is located in the upper cervical spine. This small area is often injured without showcasing any symptoms. This is because your neurologic system protects your brain stem, spinal cord, and the blood vessels going to and from the brain. Most conditions are affected by instability in this region when it exists. It is the foremost region of the body that synergizes and collaborates in healing.

Assessment via digital motion x-ray is done to understand the instabilities in the upper cervical spine. Physical therapy and muscle activation techniques are used to dynamically stabilize the region and heal the deep stabilizers such as ligaments, capsules, and joints. Regenerative injections are the most critical set of neurologic and structural procedures that can be done on a human body.

Physical therapy and chiropractic techniques working together after regenerative injections shepherd the changes that occur for months. Healing and re-establishing new postures, alignments and motions requires dedication, frequent reassessment, and patience.

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