Structural healing

Are you smart enough than a 5th grader: most 10-year-olds could look at a series of x-rays and notice the apparent abnormalities of arthritis and degenerative discs. Irregularities at this level are always built upon severe emotional, energetic, physiologic, neurologic, and neuromuscular dysfunctions. Treating the last Domino that fell in a line means you never addressed the root causes.

It is appropriate to assess with an x-ray, MRI, and other imaging techniques to understand gross structural deterioration. Linking that back to more fundamental reasons for damage is how Dr. Hanson began understanding the root causes of dysfunction and pain in human beings.

He suggests you look at your apparent diagnosis of arthritis, degenerative discs, and tendon deterioration as symptoms of a much larger dysfunction. That way, your journey will include optimization of your health and wellness as well as your more obvious structural decline.

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