Neck Pain

Neck pain can be debilitating and interfere with your daily life. In fact, it affects 15% of people in the US and is among the top five disorders. Whether you suffer from chronic neck pain or have recently injured your neck, finding an effective treatment is crucial to returning to your routine.

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Regenerative medicine, a field focused on harnessing the body’s natural healing abilities, offers a promising option for neck pain treatment. With the help of Regenerative Masters, you can boost your body’s healing process and finally find relief from neck pain.

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What Does Neck Pain Feel Like?

Some individuals dealing with it describe the pain as:
  • A constant ache.
  • A burning or stabbing pain.
Severe pain travels from the neck to the shoulders or arms.

Symptoms of Neck Pain

The intensity of your neck pain may be mild, causing minimal interference with your daily activities, or it might be severe enough to result in disability.

If your neck hurts, you may witness symptoms including:

Individuals experiencing neck pain usually report sensations of their neck feeling “stiff” or “immobile.” Furthermore, it can result in a reduction of range of motion.
Neck pain can be perceived as an acute or “stabbing” pain limited to a particular region.
Frequently, neck pain is intensified by any movement that involves rotating or extending your cervical spine, such as moving from side to side or up and down.
Your neck pain can spread to your head, trunk, shoulders, or arms. If the discomfort in the neck involves nerve compression, you may experience numbness, tingling, or weakness in one or both of your arms or hands. Discomfort from a pinched nerve in the neck may produce a burning or sharp sensation that originates at the neck and extends down the arm.
The onset of pain in the neck area can trigger a type of headache known as a cervicogenic headache. It is also possible for a headache to occur in conjunction with neck pain as a symptom of a migraine headache.
Physical examination of your cervical spine, such as palpation, might cause an increase in neck pain.
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Possible Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain has many possible causes, including:
The natural aging process can cause parts of your cervical spine to deteriorate, resulting in pain. This degeneration can be caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis, which involves the wearing down of joint cartilage, and spinal stenosis, which involves narrowing spaces in your spine. Over time, repeated motions and stress can cause the disks in your spine to weaken, leading to a herniated disk or pinched nerve.
The excessive use of neck muscles during repetitive or demanding tasks can result in stiffness and discomfort. Furthermore, poor posture, weaker abdominal muscles, and increased body weight can impact the alignment of your spine, potentially leading to neck pain. For instance, looking at a mobile phone or computer screen for an extended period while straining your neck is a common cause of neck pain.
When you feel stressed, pulling your neck muscles can cause stiffness and pain. People who involuntarily tighten these muscles when feeling stressed or anxious often don’t realize they are doing it until they experience neck discomfort.
Injuries and trauma can harm muscles, ligaments, disks, vertebral joints, and nerve roots in the spinal cord, which can cause neck pain. One common injury that causes pain in the neck is whiplash during car accidents.
Tumors, cysts, and bone spurs are among the masses that can cause pressure on the nerves in the neck, leading to pain.
Numerous health conditions, such as meningitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer, can cause pain in the neck as a symptom.

Neck Pain Diagnosis

Your healthcare provider may ask for the following to diagnose the cause of the neck pain.
During your consultation, your healthcare provider will inquire about any past incidents of neck injury that could have resulted in conditions such as whiplash or a herniated disk. They may also question you about your work or other physical activities that might have placed excessive stress on your neck. They will also ask you to describe your pain, including its onset, location, duration, and severity.
During the assessment, your healthcare provider will evaluate the alignment of your head and neck and monitor the range of motion as you move your neck. They will also palpate your neck and the surrounding muscles to identify any tenderness or indications of strain.
X-rays can reveal any bone or soft tissue issues that could be the source of your neck discomfort. Utilizing X-rays can identify problems such as cervical misalignment, fractures, slipped disks, and arthritis.
An MRI can detect issues with your spinal cord, nerves, bone marrow, and soft tissue. This scan can reveal if a disk has become dislodged, and it can also identify any signs of infection or masses that may be the root cause of your neck discomfort, such as a cyst or tumor.
In the absence of an MRI, a CT scan can be employed, revealing bone spurs and indications of bone degeneration.
Neck Pain Treatment By Regenerative Masters

Neck Pain Diagnosis

The primary function of the neck is to safeguard the critical and life-sustaining parts of the brain stem, which are essential for our well-being.

Regenerative therapies have significantly shown improvements in the body which positively responds to neck pain treatment. However other forms of treatment may provide relief, but the body’s protective nature can cause instability and dysfunction in other regions.

At Regenerative Masters, Dr. Hanson employs a thorough assessment process using ultrasound and fluoroscopy to identify the primary issue to treat and utilizes some of the most advanced cellular therapies to provide optimal results.

Meet Our Expert Dr. Ron Hanson

Dr. Ron Hanson’s Regenerative Approach to Healing

Dr. Ron Hanson is well-known in the field of regenerative medicine. He has a lot of experience using advanced cellular therapies to help people’s bodies heal. He has successfully administered many injections over his 12-year career and continues looking for ways to improve his treatment.

Our expert, Dr. Hanson, has particular ways to prepare your body for these injections. His treatment can help with the root causes of pain and problems in your body.
Dr. Hanson and his team of professionals can also help improve your mental health to bring about complete healing.

Dr. Ron Hanson’s Regenerative Approach to Healing

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