The chemistry of your body affects every function, from pain to energy to brain fog and function. Three of our providers work primarily on the physiology of the body.

Diet, nutraceuticals, immune system, chronic infections, hormonal function, mitochondrial function. Most of modern day medicine is based on modulating the physiology of the body. Via pharmaceutical drugs. Nutrition, supplements, homeopathy and even sleep and exercise significantly affect the body’s physiology. This is one of the two major long term areas of improvement that patients experience with a full-spectrum multidisciplinary approach.

Shannon Maixner

Shannon treats patients and clients in physical therapy, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT®), personal training, and Pilates. Shannon has extensive MAT® expertise and was the first provider in Minnesota. She has achieved the highest level attainable while becoming MATRx certified.

Perfect fit

Kari Collett

Kari, owner of A to Zinc Nutrition, LLC, is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian who specializes in functional nutrition and food sensitivities. She is a Certified LEAP Therapist and creates individualized nutrition plans to support goals such as pain relief, chronic disease management, weight loss, and athletic performance using whole food therapies, supplements, and mind-body exercises to heal the whole person.

Paul Nash | Regenerative Masters

Paul Nash

Dr. Paul Nash is an experienced chiropractor, Certified Traditional Naturopath, and Acupuncturist who has treated thousands of patients, including sports professional athletes. He currently works in a collaborative setting with other healthcare practitioners to optimize the exchange of knowledge and experience.

We believe you are complete human being including your spiritual function. The we do not advocate for any specific type of spiritual orientation, we work with you in combination with emotional and energetic work to help you grow, expand and progress in whatever spiritual capacity is important to you. Though this is offered as care, it is of course not a mandatory part of your program.

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