Arthritis Treatment Without Surgery

Do you have aching joints making it difficult for you to walk? You’re not alone. In the United States, approximately 58.5 million people, i.e., about 24% of all adults between the age of 18-64s, have arthritis. Shocking right?

It is the ultimate cause of work disability, with medical care and lost earnings of $303.5 billion annually. But arthritis treatment without surgery can help you provide several months or even years of relief.

So, What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is not a single disease but an umbrella term for more than 100 conditions affecting your body. It is a painful condition that causes inflammation of one or more joints.

Arthritis affects the hips, knees, spinal joints, and other body areas. The symptoms include joint pain, swelling, redness, decreased range of motion, and stiffness, which typically deteriorate with age.


What are the Most Common Arthritis Types? 

The two most common arthritis types are:

     Osteoarthritis and


Osteoarthritis causes the hard, slippery tissue known as the cartilage to break down that covers the bone’s end, where they form a joint. It is a complex condition involving loss of abnormal and immunologic function. Osteoarthritis also deteriorates the chemistry and neuromuscular function around joints.

On the other hand, Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition in which the immune system pounds on the joints, starting with the lining of joints. 

The Regenerative Master’s Approach to Arthritis Treatment Without Surgery

There are numerous pathways to treat arthrosis. But do you know how to treat your arthritis without surgery? Cellular and Regenerative therapies are non-surgical treatments that will best suit your condition. These therapies protect the cartilage and boost the function of cells already present inside the joint (synovial stem cells).

Cellular and Regenerative therapies restore the stability and strength of ligaments, tendons, fascia, and capsules around the joint, improve neurologic function, and decrease abnormal sympathetic–fight. Arthrosis works as a barometer for the complete body. What is happening in the joint is also happening throughout the body. Injuries and long-term motion abnormalities often focus on those abnormalities in a single location.

Even with severe injuries and abnormal motion, without the neurologic and physiologic contributions, arthrosis would not develop. It is partly why many professions and approaches are helpful for arthrosis pain.

Meet Dr. Ron Hanson at Regenerative Master’s

A widely-celebrated pioneer in regenerative medicine, Dr. Ron Hanson has gained the admiration and respect of his peers, emerging as a leading biological regenerative physician.

Dr. Hanson has used cellular therapies to treat since he began offering these services in 2007. His experience and studies strongly indicate that decreased pain and improved function are achievable and expected results of cellular therapies for arthritis.

In addition to this expertise, Dr. Hanson intensely focuses on advancing his treatment regimens to discover the best way to heal your body.

Successful treatment requires participation in a thorough multi-disciplinarian regimen to identify, address, and drastically improve the underlying causes of joint aches and dysfunction.

Regenerative Masters Inclusions

Arthrosis is a barometer for our entire body. What’s occurring in your joint is also taking place throughout the body.

Injuries and long-term motion abnormalities often focus on those abnormalities in a single location. Without the neurologic and physiologic contributions, severe injuries and abnormal motion may not lead to arthritis. This is partially why numerous professions and approaches are helpful for arthritis pain.

Regenerative Masters combine these therapies and healing paradigms, contributing collaboratively to degeneration acumen healing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to several peer-reviewed studies, cellular therapy can reduce inflammation and improve function in patients with arthritis and its types.

It is normal to experience pain and swelling in the injection area. This distress can last between 48 hours and two weeks.

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