Third Eye Awakening Transformational Weekend

The Ultimate Energetic Experience

Women only September 24 -25, 2022 Limited spots left!


When was the last time you felt:
Are you ready for a personal growth experience? This is the weekend for you!
Is it time for new tools, because the old ones are not working like they used to.
Restore Your Life | Regenerative Masters

Reconnect, Reignite, and Restore your joy for life

This weekend will be the ultimate experience of resetting your internal compass, re-igniting your passion for life and reconnecting to your higher self.
How do you want to feel the rest of your life?
Then this unique energetic transformational weekend is for you.
Join the Regenerative Masters team on this VIP Experience.
Through out the weekend you will be connected to practitioners that will take you through a variety of energetic experiences.

Healing Cheat codes

Supercharge your healing journey

Written by Our own Dr Hanson and Melissa Olson, CTN

All attendees will receive a low-number copy of the book with Dr. Hanson and Melissa’s available to discuss its contents with you at the conference.

Healing Cheat Codes
Dr. Dawn Emmett | Regenerative Masters

Dr. Dawn Emmett-Bishop, Ph.D. will be teaching you about energy healing.
She is a Psychologist.

Lunch will be provided and then you will then be given your first STELLATE GANGLION block to reset your fight or flight system and awaken to your true potential
Dr. Hanson | Regenerative Masters
Dr. Hanson will be giving each of you a stellate ganglion block which is an injection of anesthetic to block the sympathetic nerves located in the neck. In the brain the norepinephrine levels are reduced and extra nerve growth is removed, dulling the body’s “fight or flight” response system. This leaves you open to deep rooted emotional release.
The Ascension Toolbox will help you:
During your integration times you will also receive chiropractic work by Paul Nash.
Paul Nash | Regenerative Masters
Dr. Paul Nash with be helping you with the structure of you body and integrating your experience with the Stellate. Dr. Nash has extensive experience as a chiropractor, Certified Traditional Naturopath & Acupuncturist has led to treatment of thousands of patients—including Sports Professional Athletes. Currently, Dr. Nash enjoys working in a corroborative setting with other Healthcare Practitioners, thus allowing for an optimal exchange of knowledge and experience among other caregivers.
We will come back together as a group and Brenda Kay will assist you in more integration and opening up of your connection to self.
Brenda Kay | Regenerative Masters
Brenda Kay will lead you into an Informed Soul guided hypnotic meditation where you will meet your Soul and ask the questions for which you have been longing to get the answers.
This is a soulful experience of remembering who you are any why you are here.
Brenda is a certified hypnotist and soul coach with over 30 years in the spiritual realm. Her specialty is emotional healing through frequency and mindset.
Dinner will be provided with an evening concert by Häana.
Häana is a multi-hyphenate artist and one-woman orchestra, merging music + tech + art with nordic/icelandic influences set to a broken beat.
Third Eye Awakening

Multi-sensory Feminine Transportal by Häana :: Saturday, Sept 24, 2022 -- ~6:30-8:30p

Exploring sight, sound, smell, taste, intuition. Open your senses and be prepared for ultimate bliss, completely resetting your energy to connect more deeply in the dance journey. Häana will create a full-spectrum chilled-out meditative soundtrack live on the spot (using violin, vocals, synths, electronic samples prepared in advance) to weave a healing feminine sound experience to perfectly correlate with the night: to enhance everyone’s connection to love, to creation and to nature, returning participants to balance, harmony, connectedness and wholeness.
This multi-sensory experience designed by Häana involves aromatherapy, dark chocolate, tactile experiences, and chilled-out meditative live music experience with electronics, violin, and ethereal vocals to tie together the experiences of the Third Eye Awakening Retreat to fully integrate your healing and transformation.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

On day two you will receive your second Stellate by Dr. Hanson which will help you integrate what you have learned.
Ursula will be giving you attunements for personal Spiritual freedom. Ursula is a Certified Advanced Rolfer and Certified Teacher of the Spiritual Unfoldment Network.
Ursula will be doing Attunements, which are permanent empowerments that allows your system to connect to, conduct, hold and emanate specific frequencies of Light that establishes resonances throughout the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your system. Regular and consistent activation of attunements support many different aspects of your personal and spiritual journey, the unfolding of the grounded embodiment of your Essence, and union with God.
The attunements you will receive this weekend activate purely through your intent and are designed to augment all that you are receiving this weekend to ignite the soulful joy within you! All of the attunements are designed to be safely and easily activated for yourself and others.
Dr. Hanson will be leading you through a Bio Lumen Energetic Intermingling Meditation to help learn the true nature of grounding.
Your day will end with Häana’s Cinematic Orchestral Uplifting Concert by Häana.
Häana merges music + technology + art with her Nordic and Icelandic-influenced compositions, featuring violin, vocals, live electronics and synths/controllers for a very dynamic and orchestral concert. Häana’s music is inspired by her travels and extended artist retreats in gorgeous places around the world, tapping into the energetic frequencies, gorgeous vistas, sounds in nature, and vortices/leylines of energy. The resulting sonic palette takes listeners on a journey whose destination is a crossroads between classical and contemporary, organic & man-made, familiar and mysterious.
You will be invited to experience Häana’s full-spectrum music with every cell of your being, whether it’s more of an inner journey or an external exploration of your environment, as well as new and old friendships, fully integrating the experiences from the Third Eye Awakening Retreat.
You will be provided with support by other practitioners via webinar prior to the weekend.
Kari Collette is a Registered Dietician, owner of A to Zinc Nutrition, LLC, is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian specializing in functional nutrition. With additional training specific to food sensitivities, she is also a Certified LEAP Therapist. Kari will teach your about food and its connection to your body’s inflammation.
Dr. Dennis Woggon is a Dr. of Chiropractic and uses DMX, cutting edge technology, diagnostic imaging, that allows the spine to be seen in a real-time motion.
There is more for you than what has shown up this far, it looks like healing and is shaped as possibility…Freedom, Sovereignty, and Power!
Dr. Ron Hanson

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