Quantum Healing


The famous Nobel Laureate, Hans Peter Duerr, stated in his theory of aduality that matter can be converted into energy; similarly, energy can be transformed into matter. Every time the body oscillates or switches between energy and particles, it seeks to rebuild or repair itself.

Quantum Healing channels the human body’s intrinsic healing capacity by transforming the energy both inside and outside the human body.
According to the theory of quantum medicine, the matter that shapes our body is made up of energy. This concept can be called the foundation of quantum mechanics, which seeks to transform our body energies at the sub-atomic or quantum level.
Non-Surgical Treatment for Herniated Discs

When it comes to treating the human body, we at Regenerative Masters believe that you cannot treat the mind and body as separate since they are the two essential parts of a whole. Our concept of holistic medicine rejects the rigid, reductionist view of treating a patient as just a set of symptoms.

Instead, our patients thrive on a multi-disciplinary approach to your health. That’s why we work with multiple practitioners to gather a comprehensive perspective of your challenges and then create the most robust treatment plan, that is specially customized for you. That’s where Quantum Healing comes in.

Which Medical Conditions Can Quantum Healing Help Cure?

Quantum healing channels the transitory state between matter and energy to heal and repair the body. The team at Regenerative Masters utilizes this concept of regenerative healing to treat conditions like

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How Do Regenerative Therapies Accelerate Healing?

At Regenerative Masters, we have discovered that healing occurs naturally when the emotional, physiological, neurological, and structural reasons behind a condition are thoroughly assessed and treated.
That’s why we have assembled a team comprising experts from several disciplines, including
  • Registered Dieticians
  • Traditional Naturopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Physical Therapists
  • Regenerative Injections
  • Emotional Healers
  • Clinical Psychologists
Our experts believe in collaborating and integrating their information to heal your body, mind, and spirit.
Regenerative Masters’ multi-disciplinary approach to treatment allows us to treat every one of our patients synergistically while liberating them from pain.

What are the Advantages of Quantum Healing?

Our interpretation of Quantum healing theory uses advanced regenerative therapies to treat progressive and extremely painful diseases that compromise your ability to live a full life.

How Quantum Healing Works

Regenerative Masters started performing cellular therapies 15 years ago and has continued to innovate and upgrade our cellular therapies to deliver precise injections for maximum impact.

Simultaneously, we have also worked to enhance our regenerative treatments by integrating physical therapies, deep-seated physiologic changes, mood variations, and transformation in your neurologic system to offer a more holistic approach to healing and recovery.

Stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative therapy, is a form of medicine that helps the body heal naturally. The cell injections are administered at specific locations to neutralize inflammation and promote healing.

Cellular therapies have the potential to regenerate vital components of the body, such as damaged cartilage tissue, tendons, bones, muscle, ligaments, and more.
Stem cells regenerate your body by finding injured or damaged tissue and initiating the process of repair or regeneration. They do so by imitating your body’s natural healing process, as exemplified by the principles of quantum healing.
Regenerative cells can stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanisms and processes. These cells are harvested from your body and processed by precise laboratory protocols from the patient’s own tissue.
The cells are then concentrated into a small injectable volume and reintroduced into the affected areas via precisely guided injections to initiate the healing process.

The injected cells act as a catalyst and stimulate the body to repair and replace tissue damaged due to injury or strain. Cellular therapies can also revitalize tissue that becomes worn down over time.

The Regenerative Master's Approach to Healing

Meet Dr. Ron Hanson

A widely-celebrated pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine, Dr. Ron Hanson has gained the respect of his peers, emerging as a leading biologic regenerative physician with experience in advanced cellular therapies since 2007.

In addition to this expertise, Dr. Hanson stays focused on advancing his treatment regimens to discover the best way to empower your body to heal itself.
Dr. Ron Hanson’s clinical experience and expertise are second to none when it comes to offering impactful regenerative therapies. He has successfully administered thousands of injections over the course of his career.

His highly-innovative treatment regimen offers:
● Specially formulated and precisely-guided injections administered with a high level of skill and accuracy
● The advantage of proprietary treatment methods and techniques that prep your body for tissue acquisition
● Advanced treatment for the root causes of pain and degeneration via comprehensive injection paradigms
● Autologous (your own) tissue grafts, which are created using the latest laboratory processes
In addition to the above, Dr. Hanson and his team provide full-spectrum neurologic function normalization and activation for a complete recovery.
Successful treatment requires participation in a thorough multi-disciplinarian regimen to identify, address, and drastically improve the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction.

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After transforming hundreds of lives for the better using the precepts of quantum healing in combination with regenerative therapies, Regenerative Masters now seeks to help more and more people live pain-free.

Our multi-disciplinary care model with nine expert healthcare providers in different fields offers you all the resources required to heal your body and mind.

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