Lower Back Pain Treatment Without Surgery

Low back pain is one of the most common and debilitating musculoskeletal conditions experienced in the United States. Arthritis, degenerative discs, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves can all contribute to the pain patterns.

Historically, almost all interventions for chronic lower back pain treatment have been minimally effective over long periods of time. Surgery has generally been found to be invasive and no better than less invasive lower back treatment without surgery.

The combinations of abnormal posture, improper alignment, stress on softer nerves, accommodating patterns, and irregular patterns due to other areas of dysfunction all significantly affect the lower back. Astute and careful, highly experienced assessments – well beyond just imaging studies – is necessary to increase the potential for lasting improvement in the lumbar spine.

Low Back Pain Diagnosis: A Thorough Evaluation​
Lifestyle-Related Low Back Pain​

Lower Back Pain Treatment- Get to Know the Regenerative Experience

We believe you are complete human beating including your spiritual function. The we do not advocate for any specific type of spiritual orientation, we work with you in combination with emotional and energetic work to help you grow, expand and progress in whatever spiritual capacity is important to you. Though this is offered as care, it is of course not a mandatory part of your program.

There are five schools of teaching and specialists within the chiropractic community that focus on instability and abnormal alignment in the upper cervical spine as the primary generator of abnormalities in the entire body.

It took me 12 years of doing regenerative therapies before I added a layer of assessment to my lumbar patients. I strongly suggest that every patient has their upper cervical spine evaluated with a digital motion x-ray – DMX – before we complete lumbar procedures.

The upper cervical spine has the greatest proportion of position sensors in the body. That area being unstable creates abnormal posture, alignment, stability, and muscle patterns throughout the entire spine. Often, the lumbar spine is a downstream effect of cervical instability. It’s good, to begin with, the cervical spine more often than not after evaluation.

Regenerative Approach to Lower Back Pain Treatment Without Surgery

Combinations of the following sites are often times injected together to reinforce healing at any single location:

      the nucleus pulls pulses of the disc

      the posterior annulus of the disc

      posterior longitudinal ligament

      supraspinatus/enter spinous ligaments

      thoracolumbar fascia

      facet joints

      facet capsules and capsular ligaments

      Ilia lumbar ligament

Instability in the pelvis often accompanies the lumbar spine in these areas – including all three joints – need to also be treated in conjunction with the lumbar spine. The cluneal nerves can be affected by fascial plane adhesions contributing to low back pain.

Hydro dissection of the fascial planes is important to consider—especially when chronic lower back pain has led to abnormal sympathetic effects/adhesions in these planes and around the nerves that travel through them.

Intramuscular injections of regenerative agents have been shown to increase fatty transformation and reestablish muscle that’s needed for stability and movement.


Very advanced procedures treating the blood supply near the discs coming from the vertebral bodies are a consideration in more advanced cases of lower back pain treatment.

The Regenerative Approach- Unlocking Your Body's Healing Potential​
Lower Back Pain Treatment With Regenerative Masters

Regenerative Masters Inclusions

Physical therapy, chiropractic, and fascial plane normalization through Rolfing are necessary for the healing process in the lumbar region. The severity of deterioration and the challenging accommodating patterns generally requires continued intervention for at least six months after therapies.

As in other areas, the deeper healing aspects emotionally, and energetically as well as physiologic healing, address the more subtle aspects of deterioration. In fact, Dr. Sarno showed a high rate of decreased pain in most of his patients by addressing the emotional component of pain associated with the low back.

Lower Back Pain Treatment With Regenerative Masters

With an emphasis on full-spectrum healing, Regenerative Masters offers a non-invasive approach to lower back pain treatment. Addressing the issues at the root level, we believe in the potential of holistic healing.

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