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The most advanced regenerative therapies— Affordable healing to compete, work, & live your best!

Non-Spinal Injection Care Costs:

1-hour full spectrum evaluation: $250

initial evaluation cost applied to procedures-                                  Super-PRP (tailor-made in advanced lab for your site/type of injury): $500

Super-PRP injections (5-15 healing injections @ 1 site/region): $500-$1500

Advanced lab marrow triple concentrate: $1995

Each Site/Region (eg: knee) total costs (PRP & Marrow): $3,250!

2nd Site @ same time: ½ cost of first site!

Spinal procedures: Add $1995.00

Man holding an iron rod
Heavy Weight Lifting
Weight lifting

Trust Your Healing to a National Innovator—Healing Job/Sport Athletes W/PRP Since 2007

MN & WI residents ONLY
Limited number of procedure slots/week for this program